Frequently Asked Questions aboutno Addiction

Is it safe to take it?

Ans. Zero Addiction is a completely herbal product and is without any side effect. It can be taken by all genders.

Does it affect normal health?

Ans. As the preparation involves herbs known to strengthen memory, vital parameters, and metabolism, it increases body’s strength both physically and mentally. There is no adverse effect known ofno Addiction.

Can pregnant or nursing women take it?

Ans. Pregnant or nursing women should avoid it.

Can people with serious medical illnesses take it?

Ans. Though it is a safe and completely herbal preparation, anyone with any serious medical ailment should consult his/her physician before taking it.

Does it require to be used continuously?

Ans. The effect ofno Addiction is not temporary and lasts long. However, if addict starts taking the addictive substance again or doesn’t quit completely, it can be repeated.

Is it effective on all types of substance addiction?
Ans. It is effective in tobacco, alcohol, drug, and smoking addiction.